WYO land

Real life happens too fast for me.

Yesterday I read some day-old news about my home state that made me miss my cozy rectangle. The headline read: Wyoming lawmaker introduces doomsday bill. Accustomed to gross exaggerations in the media the word doomsday did not really stand out to me until I read further on into the article.

Growing concerns about the economic and political situations in the national arena motivated one lawmaker to draw up a bill that would attempt to prepare Wyoming for the collapse of the federal government and the devaluation of US currency.


According to usnews.msnbc.com, early drafts of the bill even included the creation of an army and a military draft. But the big concept that made the cut was the plan to create a Wyoming state currency.


Wyoming is like my very own muddled Never Land. It sits right there in the middle of everything and yet it is inaccessible in so many ways. Minds don’t often change there, regardless of politics and especially when it comes to Wyoming exceptionalism (which more than rivals the American kind). For so many, living in Wyoming is a heartfelt choice, one way or another. It’s the place where I grew up and it will always take me back in time when I visit because of the tenacity of teenage fears and childhood dreams, but also because of the longevity and particularity of the state pride.

Anyway, I saw today that the bill was actually thrown out. I am frankly a little disappointed and I’m having a little trouble figuring out why. But maybe it’s just because it is painful when our perception of our Never Lands (mixed up or not) are unexpectedly disturbed if only for an instant.


2 thoughts on “WYO land

  1. Wonderful, Grace. I find myself a little disappointed too that it failed, particularly about the aircraft carrier we were going to get. What a place. An exceptional place.

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