Small Talk America

Happy Presidents Day! It was a beautiful 40 degrees and very sunny day in Chicago and how lucky I was to have it off from work! However, it is now almost 6pm and I have spent most of the day wondering how to spend it. Shouldn’t I use it to complete tasks I don’t usually have time for? Oh, but it’s so tempting just to while away the time. It is true, though, that it would feel nice to cross something off the everlasting to-do list.

And how ‘bout the weather, huh? I should probably be doing something outside to soak up some Vitamin D. It is a little strange how I wish it was actually cloudy and snowing so I could long for it to be sunny and warm outside. It’s not like I can go to the beach. I could always spend my time wandering around the neighborhood spending money in the local cafés and book and music shops, but I don’t really have the money.

I know! I can go to the library. I have yet to check anything out on my library card. Wait. It’s Presidents Day. The library is closed.

Days off when the weather is beautiful are harder than I thought. Something about this winter makes me think we’re getting off the hook too easily and somehow when the day off comes it seems like a waste not to be using the time to start writing a novel or running a marathon. Even though I don’t want to do either of those things.

But I feel better now. I’ve written a blog post. Check.

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