majoring in America and writing about car commercials

Recently I was particularly taken with a certain car commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and it reminded me of a paper I wrote a few years ago for my Junior Seminar “America in the World,” in which I invoked a Ford Truck commercial starring Toby Keith. The paper was written during our American Exceptionalism unit. At the time, I was moved to grimaces by the ad. But interestingly enough, after another year and a half of being both an American Culture major and an American, I can’t help but be a little…jazzed up by it.

Come on, that’s a great beat, right?!? But my most recent fascination has been with the Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” commercial, also known as the “Eminem Chrysler” commercial. Personally, I could do without Eminem’s weird point and punchline at the end, but it is easily forgivable since the rest of the commercial is so damn cool.

What I take away from this is, America may not be perfect, but at least it is badassss. I can’t afford a Chrysler, but I am definitely buying some of that sweet home-made American narcissism.


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