disney heirs and errors

Murder in Celebration!

Life in Celebration, Florida has been hard lately. Murder, suicide–even the housing crisis has found its very real way into this wonder town that illusion built.

I came across the history of this town last year when I was working on my undergrad thesis. I was looking into the consequences of myth in American culture, a la Buffalo Bill Cody in the great Western Frontier of the late 1800s. But one of Buffalo Bill’s great predecessors was–no doubt–Walt Disney. So, I was amazed to learn about a town set up by the Disney empire, built to embody the fantastical simplicity of small-town American life.

And what’s the big news now? I guess Celebration has got some bad eggs mixed in with the good and the fracturing of its picturesque reputation is hurting more than one person’s pride and pocket book–not to mention sense of security. The New York times is indubitably fascinated by this fact, most likely because of the image rural America likes to hold up of itself as alternative to big bad city living. But anyone from a small town knows tragedy can happen anywhere. Hasn’t anyone seen Twin Peaks?

Anyway, speaking of weeks-old items, check out this pie we made for Thanksgiving.

We polled our families about which pie was more American: apple or pumpkin? The final census found that each was American in different ways. But seriously, the answer is obviously apple.

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