mass family emailing

From: gvcannon

To: [family]

Date: Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 10:02 pm

Subject: Christmas Lists

This is fun…

My list includes…

1. Your hand-drawn map of the United States***
2. Warm house slippers
3. Sketch book/graphite pencils (I’ve been thinking of old hobbies to pick back up)
4. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (cook book)
5. long underwear/(wool) socks
6.  new running shoes
7. Subscription to Der Spiegel
( <> )…would not be able to handle 52 issues, but on this site you can subscribe to a specific amount. I would probably be able to handle more like 10-12 issues. If there was a way to get one every month or two months, I would appreciate a lapse in time between issues.

***My friend, Becky Katz, and I have decided that in order to keep up with our generation and practice generating creative thought after college we should start….a blog. Yes, feel free to giggle, we certain have been. But, let me tell you the reason this comes up at all at the end of a xmas wish list. If you haven’t already guessed, the topic of our blog will be the great all-encompassing concept and region of America. Here’s where all of you come in: we want to get our site going with contributions from family and friends, so we’re looking for you to draw your own maps of the US. It’s as simple as it sounds. You can interpret it however you want, but it is important to know that the point of this exercise is not accuracy and no one should feel embarrassed about the states, or anything else, they leave out…that’s actually the best part. Drawing out the map will show exactly where your heart lies, which will reveal even more about the great place we all live. Americans’ perceptions of America reflect back on the wise-old thing itself: America. How’s that for a meaningful thesis?

happy fifth day of hanukkah.


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